Acting Kids – Demo Reels – Show Your Skills

Demonstrating your ability to act is an important part of getting acting jobs. Professional Headshots get Casting Directors to put you on the audition list. Demoreels also called showreels and Resumes (CV) reduce the field so that only those most suited for the part are called to audition, especially if time is limited or the part is considered important.

Often there is no time to mess around with guesses. “That kid looks right, but can he act?” If the choice is between two kids who look a lot alike, then Casting Directors go to the Resume to see if one has more experience with this type of work and in the case of commercials are there conflicts that would stop that child from being hired if chosen by the client.

They also check out the reels. If it is a dramatic part, they may look to see if you have any examples of emotional work. If it is comedy or needs improve skills, they look for a reel.

If the part calls for specific physical skills, a reel highlighting those skills can be essential. They can meet with your child actor, you and the agent can tell them that this child is an expert archer or rock climber or skier, but they can’t see those skills in the audition room. You want to put examples of your child’s ability on a skills reel. I have horror stories about kids being cast for parts then not being able to perform the skill needed

Like Headshots, Acting Demo Reels are expected to be of a higher quality. Skills reels don’t have to be as professional, they just need to show that your child actually can do the activity needed for the audition.

Here is an example of a skateboarding skill reel.

It is just a piece of a skate video Adam and his friends, all part of Opposite Skate Team, made themselves. The camera isn’t the best and they chose their own music and for the record – I DON’T APPROVE of the boys not wearing helmets.

That said, Casting Directors aren’t looking to see if the actor is following safety rules. They are looking to see if the actor submitted can do the skill required for the acting part being cast.

Most of the online casting services have a place to upload actors reels and many allow you to upload 1 – 2 minute skill reels.

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