10 Tips for Good Headshots for Acting Kids


A headshot is an industry standard to get acting auditions and acting jobs. It is exactly what the name says – a photo of head (face) and maybe shoulders. It is sort of like school photos only a hundred times more attractive.

Headshot by Kelsey Edwards

Headshot by Kelsey Edwards

A good headshot can help get your child in the door to major castings. (Of course they’ll need more than just a good photo if you get into a casting, but more on that later.)

Professional headshots for kids are crisp, clean with no visible make-up and minimal styling to show off the best you. In a winning headshot, there is nothing to distract the viewer from your eyes and face.

Ideally, your child’s headshot will be of their face, smiling, looking directly at the camera – not profile. No hands at the face or hair covering one or both eyes or peeking around something or flowers or busy background to detract from your child being the focus.

☺That being said, after looking at all of your available shots, if the best one, that gives the best indication of your child’s character has a plant or flower or hands or background, but your child is still the focus, use it. Here are ten things to keep in mind for headshots: 1. Make sure the photo actually looks like your CHILD. Dolly-theatrical-pink-th200 2. Make sure your full face and eyes can be seen – go ahead and play with cropping, but don’t cut off an eye or nose. 3. Make eye contact with the camera. 4. Use indirect and natural light. Shadows and artificial colored lights are not often your friend in headshots. 5. Make sure your CHILD is the focus of the photo – not the background, hands, the stair railing, the sculpture. 6. Have a plain background. 7. No visible make-up. Children need to look like children – not mini adults. 8. Wear clothes that flatter your child without taking attention away from the face. 9. Don’t get artsy – soft focus, glamour photos, theme or busy backgrounds, peeking over, under or around other objects that obstruct the face. 10. Stay away from props, hats, hands by your face, under your chin, draped on your head.

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I was looking for the same information for my child. The tips given by you is very helpful to the beginners. I am feeling great to know all these from you. I would like to thank you for sharing your tips.


Excellent info, thanks for sharing! Really valuable info for parents out there. -Ian, LA Headshots

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