We’re all proud of our kids which is why we’re good actors moms. So here’s my brag for my kid – totally unrelated to acting – or is it?

I’ve always said that kids who go on auditions will be far more prepared for job interviews than the average adult. They have experience talking with adults looking to hire them from a young age. Job interviews will be a breeze.

My brag is that my son has launched a business career from confidence he gained through acting. He’s producing, shooting and editing skateboard videos and in the process starting a business.

Reggae colored gear is all of the rage, especially with the skateboard crowd and those wearing skate fashions.

JAH Style is a reggae clothing and accessories line we started before Adam was born. Adam is rebuilding it starting with re-issue of the Logo wear and presenting items he and his buddies like from other vendors.

Check out his site (a work in progress) www.JAHstyle.com

Check out Adam and Opposite Skate Team
admpain’s YouTube


opposite skate team YouTube


my YouTube – jessicaintl

O.K. Bragging is over!

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